PORT HARCOURT TO THE WORLD: “The Port Harcourt to the world” campaign is a sustainable and effective movement that is recognized as a significant contribution to the economic, environmental and social life of the city and her people. In Port Harcourt to the world, we believe it is our moral obligation to show the world the insatiable beauty of Port Harcourt.

Our mission is to empower the world with the right images, understanding and history  of port Harcourt.

For too long the narrative of the brotherhood of Port Harcourt people has been erased and replaced with stories of discord, hate and war. Port Harcourt to the world is the voice of Port Harcourt, the lenses through which the world should see Port Harcourt. We mirror Port Harcourt to the world positively.

Over the years, we have show-cased Port Harcourt through a plethora of events/projects that express the true spice of our city, such as the port Harcourt international food festival, capture port Harcourt, inspire port Harcourt, fashion mob port Harcourt etc. We are an organization that provides the right branding for our city and promote the businesses, environmental health and culture of Port Harcourt.