LASER TARGETINGA lot of companies waste money on advertising in places where their target market simply isn't.

Sponsoring the right event let's you get in front of the right people at the right time.
Port Harcourt To The World via Fashion Mob Public (FMP)gives your brand the key to the city.

FMP exposes you to the audience neither found in lounges, clubs or Hotels, nor attentive to billboards on the road or TV Commercials.  We give you a means to connect directly to the untapped customers in Rivers State and its Environs.

Our Target audience is made up of 80% of people within the ages of 18 - 50 years, and 20% shared amongst children and aged people, 85% based in Rivers State and 15% based in neighboring states and beyond giving you a clear image of who you'll be reaching.

With our Event's in-person influence, we guarantee your brand the influence that other forms of advertising can't buy.


POSITIONINGFor a city just recovering from years of insecurity and political tussles, the Rivers people have long waited for a beacon of hope and light to lead them into the era of possibilities and prospects.

Port Harcourt To The World has been that beacon over the last 2 years.

A city whose extremely talented entertainment industry has lacked sufficient support. A people that hunger for the growth of their local content and industry.

FMP positions you as the brand that cares for the people and supports their ideology, and we believe your brand partnering with this Project would leave them no choice than see you as the brand that supports growth and possibilities, a brand of the people. The Brand that muscled up in taking Port Harcourt to the world. A good friend of a good city.

With our aforementioned demographics, we are positive that your brand being on that loves to be associated with good time, music and people, is also most interested in creating an image of refinement, class and sophistication amongst your audience. That is what Fashion Mob Public ultimately offers.

As the classic advertising saying goes, “show don't tell.”  By sponsoring this unique, historic and fun event your brand would be able to create the  association between your product and your customers having a good time.


There's also the opportunity for more brand exposure than to just the Fashion Mob Public (FMP) attendees. From the Flash Mobs and University Tours, to the city wide waste management displays and Auditions, your brand's flag would fly high with even more visibility on every printed or online promotional materials pre/post Event.

FMP would also attract media attention( Local, national and international) giving you the opportunity for coverage that will reach a much broader audience that hasn't been exposed to your brand before.


Sponsoring Fashion Mob Public (FMP) means one thing; your competitors would be no where near Fashion Mob Public and its benefits as we would not be dealing with any competitor of yours after we strike a deal with you.

We are focused on the sole progress and visibility of our sponsors on our platform, and urge you to be the first to grasp this golden opportunity.