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The city of Port Harcourt is a great place to live, it has good food and amazing people. What I love most about the people of Port Harcourt is their openness towards outsiders. The people of Port Harcourt are open to people of diverse race, culture and ethnicity. Maybe it’s because of the diverse culture and tribes within the state.

Another thing about the people of Port Harcourt is their resilience, they are not easily oppressed, They fight for their rights. It is very difficult to bully a person from Port Harcourt. They are quit stubborn and are hardcore go getters.

The people of Port Harcourt are also quite laid back and relaxed, you can feel a certain sense of calmness around them. There is a great sense of humor and friendliness in this city that is unmatched. The people are strong, enthusiasts who have a zest for life that is honestly quite contagious.

Another reason I love the people of Port Harcourt is the fact that they speak up for others when their rights are being infringed on. If you enter public transportation in the city and you are being cheated, someone is going to speak up for you. They just do not like nonsense.

All this is not to say they are not without their flaws as people, the point is their strengths outweigh their weaknesses and their resilience can be a force for good if channeled in the right direction. – Leela Alawa