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Health & Wellness

Over the years, there has been a massive growth and interest in Health and Wellness in Port Harcourt. This is evident of the different fitness clubs, gyms, community work out groups etc. that emerge daily to meet up with the growing needs of the populace.

We have people getting up as early as five {5} in the morning for a walk, run or just jogging. On Saturdays, there is hardly any space at the popular Yakubu Gowon stadium, Elekahia due to the influx of people who engage in different fitness activities such as dance aerobics, football, martial arts, zumba dance, boxing etc. in order to meet up with their fitness goals.

According to research, Health is defined as the overall mental and physical state of a person; the absence of disease while Wellness refers to the state of being in optimal mental and physical health.

But wellness is more than that. It’s about living a life full of personal responsibility and therefore taking proactive steps for one’s entire well-being. This means that a person living life very well controls risk factors that can harm them. Risk factors are different types of actions or conditions that increase a person’s chances for illness or injury.

Smoking is a risk factor. It is a risk factor for developing lung cancer among many other terrible problems. Mountain climbing is a risk factor. It is a risk factor for everything from broken bones to a swollen brain.

That being said, just like there are many different types of risk factors, there are actually different dimensions of wellness as well – no pun intended there. Actually, there are several of them. Let’s take a look at what they are.

One dimension of wellness is physical. This means we exercise, eat well, practice safe sex, don’t do any dangerous activities like jumping off of buildings, and so on. Physical fitness increases physical wellness. By being physically fit and well, you are better able to take care of yourself and others, especially in a time of need. You are also better able to prevent illness and disease.

Another dimension is intellectual: Critical thinking, being curious, and always learning new things. Developing intellectual wellness is critical not only to help a person grow in school and do better at work, but it actually prevents the onset of disease. It’s been shown that people who regularly learn new things and challenge their mind can stave off many mental health problems.

Furthermore, there is an interpersonal dimension of wellness: Having good communication skills, the ability to establish good and healthy long-term relationships, and having good relationships with family and friends. Interpersonal relationships are very important in order to maintain a good emotional and physical state of being. We are, of course, ‘pack animals,’ so to speak, that depend on one another to survive and live well.

There is also a spiritual dimension of wellness: Developing compassion, forgiveness, being caring, having a sense of purpose and meaning in life. Spiritual wellness doesn’t automatically imply the need for religion in a person’s life. These same things can just as easily be developed and found through things like nature, meditation, volunteer work and family.

A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. Physical and mental fitness play very important roles in your lives and people who are both, physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical conditions.

Fitness also goes hand in hand with Health and Fitness, it does not only refer to being physically fit, but also refers to a person’s mental state as well. If a person is physically fit, but mentally unwell or troubled, he or she will not be able to function optimally. Mental fitness can only be achieved if your body is functioning well. You can help relax your own mind and eliminate stresses by exercising regularly and eating right.

People who are physically fit are also healthier, are able to maintain their most optimum weight, and are also not prone to cardiac and other health problems. In order to maintain a relaxed state of mind, a person should be physically active. A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes if they take place.

Becoming physically fit requires a change in life style as well. You will have to incorporate a regular exercise routine in your life and also eat healthier. By avoiding junk foods, fizzy drinks, bad habits like smoking and alcohol and by getting adequate amount of rest, you will be able to become physically and mentally fit.

So why not join a fitness club, community work out group or a gym, there are so many to choose from like the Steady run fitness club, G0Wellness resort, spa & gym, Body boost fitness club, Liberation Fitness Club and a host of others. There are also personal fitness instructors who can help you reach your fitness goals in the comfort of your homes.

Remember the fit lifestyle is the best lifestyle, keep at it and your future bodies will be better for it.

Have a fit day!