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Food has always been a staple for each tribe & nationality. The people of Rivers State Nigeria is not excluded. The State boasts of 23 Local Government Areas is blessed with abundance of natural resources, rich cultural heritage and off course wonderful meals to go with. Indigenously the people are into farming and fishing mostly. What’s not to love about this lovely state of ours.

The people pride themselves on association with the elites as far back as before the country was independent .

Our meals have gone through modernization whether by preparation, presentation and overall packaging.

A few of such meals are :

1.The very popular bole and roast fish which is recently served with vegetables of all sorts and presentation that will wow any visitor that has a taste of this wonderful delight anytime.

2.The Native soup or popularly called Rivers soup that is made with several seafood. This soup is lightly thickened and flavored with the herb or leaf called uziza.

It can be eaten with any swallow of your choice. They are several of them:

Oat swallow, foo foo swallow, garri swallow, semovita swallow, pounded yam swallow, wheat swallow etc.

3.The Rivers fish peppersoup is really interesting. Now the rainy season is here, you can have this soup with either boiled yam, plantain, rice or take plainly to warm yourself up. Rivers State is blessed with an abundance of fish of all types.

4.Opopo is a combination of pounded yam and ripe plantain that can be eaten with stew. This is popular in the riverine area of the state .

The list is long ,a visit to this wonderful state of ours and a taste from our kitchen will convince you that indeed Rivers State is Blessed !